Orpheid: L’Arrivée
Orpheid: L’Arrivée (2012)
Flowers Red and Black
Flowers Red and Black: Love Lyrics & Other Verses by Baudelaire (2013)
Brazen Gifts for Gold
Brazen Gifts for Gold: Poems of Platonic Love by Michelangelo (2015)
Things we do for Love
Things we do for Love (2015)
Follow Me, My Lovely
Follow Me, My Lovely… (2016)

eBook/Audiobook Combos

“Things we do for Love”, by Dean Kyte
Things we do for Love (2016)

DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

Videoeuvres: Short Experimental Films, 2012-2013 (2013)
Cinescritos: Writings in Image & Sound (2018)

Music and Spoken Word

Bandcamp - The Dark Corner
“The Dark Corner” (2014)
Bandcamp - Gun Music.jpg
“Gun Music” (2015)
“Beauty” (2015)
Bandcamp - Things we do for Love.jpg
Things we do for Love (2016)
Bandcamp - Murder My Lovely
“Murder, My Lovely” (2016)
Bandcamp - May I have a taste3
“‘May I have a taste?’” (2017)
Bandcamp - The Possessed
“The Possessed” (2017)
Enigma of the afternoon
“Enigma of the afternoon” (2019)
The criminal’s friend - A prose poem by Dean Kyte.
“The criminal’s friend” (2019)
“The Melbourne Flâneur”: “The Skipping Girl” by Dean Kyte
“The Skipping Girl” (2020)
“The Melbourne Flâneur”: “Chinatown(s)” by Dean Kyte
“Chinatown(s)” (2020)
“The Melbourne Flâneur”: “The Poetics of Noir” by Dean Kyte
“The Poetics of Noir” (2020)