Content Strategy Assessments

The publishing industry has been permanently disrupted.

In 2020, for the first time since professional, trade-quality self-publishing became available to authors in the 1990’s, sales of self-published books eclipsed the sales of traditionally published titles.

Technology—and a lower barrier to entry—have democratized the industry.  But what of the quality of these self-published books?

In this new, decentralized marketplace, independent editors are the close, strategic allies of writers.  And in a publishing environment where the author is now the ‘authorpreneur’, doing everything from penning the masterpiece to making it a best-seller, most writers are desperate to connect with credible editors who can advise them on the market potential of their manuscripts.

The independent editorial process is about building a long-term relationship with you, the authorpreneur trying to navigate this space.  It’s about providing value, not extracting cost, so that you feel safe accepting strategic advice from an editor you can trust.

As the self-published author of five books, Dean Kyte is a veteran in this space.  With his Artisanal Desktop Publishing philosophy, he was one of the first writers to embrace the technological and æsthetic potential of self-publishing as a respectable, viable alternative to the traditional route.

Doing equals knowing, and as a whole-of-project book professional with ten years of experience, Dean takes an original approach to appraising your manuscript.

Since all publishing is ultimately marketing, his Content Strategy Assessment service is designed to be a ‘first step’ you can take towards a publication confident of success.

Dean looks at the ‘content strategy’ of your novel, memoir, poetry collection, or work of creative non-fiction.  He assesses the deep structure of your writing. With his penetrating analysis, Dean provides valuable strategic suggestions as to how you can better organize your content so that it compels your readers’ buy-in, transporting them to the world of your imagining.

With his unique Content Strategy Assessment service, Dean Kyte helps you improve the quality of your manuscript so that it’s publishable.

Whether you’re seeking representation by a literary agent or going it alone; whether your manuscript is still a work in progress or a finished novel requiring the once-over from another pair eyes, with flexible offerings tailored to suit your individual needs, Dean provides you with a comprehensive written report, offering anything from global feedback to a close reading of your text with respect to specific sticking-points.

Plus, Dean provides two personal consultations to discuss your content strategy with you, demonstrating his investment in your well-being as an author and the long-term success of your project.  Sharing your journey at a critical juncture with a fellow author helps give you the confidence to go forward, whether along the traditional route, or into the brave new world of self-publishing.

Content Strategy Assessment: it’s about value, not cost.

Take the first step towards publication and feel confident of your long-term success.  Contact Dean Kyte to discuss how he can help you with a Content Strategy Assessment tailored to where you are in your publishing journey right now.

Dean Kyte and Chris Cincotta at the Three Little Monkeys, Centre Place, Melbourne.