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‘Dean Kyte formatted a collection of my short stories in both print and eBook formats.  He also designed the overall layout of the book.  I was greatly impressed by his attention to detail.  Furthermore, I appreciated his willingness to consult with me in person.  He addressed my queries, made helpful suggestions, and ensured that I was completely happy with the final product.’

—Lynne Santos, author of The Clearing

Your words deserve to be elegantly attired in a medium which fits the form of your message perfectly, be it print or eBook.

For a master craftsman such as a bespoke tailor, his workbench is both an operating table and an altar consecrated to his art.  For the wordsmith, that workbench is his desktop, and today the desktop is digital.

The book has been one of humanity’s most valued luxury items for centuries, whether elaborately inscribed by hand or painstakingly set in movable type.

Now the means to have your words hand-crafted into a genuinely and thoroughly bespoke book, precisely tailored to your needs, desires and specifications, is within your reach.

This is Artisanal Desktop Publishing, the master craft of small-scale, print-on-demand digital book production, brought to you by a wordsmith who not only hammers out his words by hand, but is a veritable artisan at forging humanity’s most enduring analogue knowledge technology.

Genuine bespoke is all about control: choice over—and mastery of—the details which will ultimately clothe your words so that they look their best.

With his old-fashioned, artisanal approach to document preparation, from initial editing right up to printing, Dean Kyte gives you choice over the details, providing strategic counsel on every element of font, format and design in the tailoring of your document.

Experience the satisfying pleasure of collaborating with a master booksmith over a number of ‘fittings’ to ensure that all the details are perfect so that, when the precious moment arrives and you hold the child of your thought in your hands, you see the inward vision you have been nurturing crystallized in print or in pixels.

A thing of beauty truly is a joy forever: its loveliness increases and it will never pass into nothingness.

Own the ultimate luxury item of your own words, bespokely smithed, artisanally tailored in a thing of beauty which will give you and your readers joy forever.

Contact Dean Kyte today for a private measure.  Or for more information, download a free brochure describing how Dean Kyte can transform your academic thesis, or your creative writing, photography and art, into an elegant printed book with his Artisanal Desktop Publishing service.

Stylish editing and publishing solutions for academics. Dean Kyte: Bespoke Document Tailoring and Artisanal Desktop Publishing services.
Bespoke Document Tailoring and Artisanal Desktop Publishing for Academics
Take the adventure of self-publishing with Melbourne's most stylish writer! As a creative, you dream of seeing your work in print... Dean Kyte: Bespoke Document Tailoring and Artisanal Desktop Publishing services.
Bespoke Document Tailoring and Artisanal Desktop Publishing for Creatives
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