In this brief essay, Dean Kyte meditates on the virtues of Super 8 film.
Special thanks to nanolab for developing and digitizing the footage.

As a former film critic with more than 100 reviews, articles and essays published in magazines both in Australia and abroad, Dean Kyte is an homme de lettres who is equally an homme du cinéma, a writer as passionate about images as he is about words.

As his videos on The Melbourne Flâneur vlog demonstrate, he approaches filmmaking with the solitary sensibility of a writer: the notion of the ‘auteur’, the director who writes with the camera as if it were a pen, distilling a unique personal vision through it, might well describe Dean Kyte’s poetic cinematic style, reserved yet intimate, like the voice of an author echoing in our heads.

Videoeuvres (2013) groups together his early experiments in montage, while Cinescritos (2018), in which Kyte gets more fully behind the camera, points towards the emergence of the mature style demonstrated on his vlog.  Click the covers below or download a free brochure to discover more.

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