Dean Kyte announces the release of his new CD audiobook, The Spleen of Melbourne: Prose Poetry & Fiction.

Dean Kyte’s popular musical and spoken word tracks are all available for purchase, instant download and streaming via Dean’s Bandcamp profile.  Purchase his complete digital discography on Bandcamp and get 10% off the total price!

From the lofi triphop of tracks like “The Dark Corner”, “Gun Music” and “Murder, My Lovely” to the dark ambient style of his translations of Charles Baudelaire’s poems such as “Beauty” and “The Possessed”, Dean Kyte marries music to the spoken word in startlingly original ways.

Old movies, ambient soundscapes, eerie electronica and his own evocative voice-over coalesce in the exotic, noirish dreamworlds of his poetry, prose poems, fictions and essays.  Download a free brochure or browse the tracks below to take a tour of Dean Kyte’s dark places.

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Spoken word and musical tracks