Follow Me, My Lovely…

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Two friendly rivals, two Norwegian tourists—and both guys with their eyes on the same dame.  Who will get her?  And if he gets her, can our hero get her back to his?

The romantic stakes are raised in the gripping follow-up to Things we do for Love!

In his latest work of ‘artisanal pulp fiction’ lifted from the pages of his journal, Dean Kyte reminisces about the unforgettable night when he played a poker game of high-stakes seduction that surprised even him.

His hardboiled ‘just-the-facts-ma’am’ prose style ratchets up to another level as our pocket edition Casanova coolly reports on every tell and play of his competitors.  The suspense escalates as he angles—against all hope—to bounce the dishy brunette he persuaded out of a parked car to a late-night after-party, hoping to haul her back to his.

But he’s not alone in his interest.  The silent bidding for the lady’s company in bed is steep.  And this is a game that only the best man can win!

In a send-up of classic pulp fiction, Dean Kyte wittily applies the hardboiled style to this true romance story.  Can he maintain his hard, Hammettian front—or will a chink of Chandlerian sentimentality creep in to scotch his play for the lay?

As the latest piece of Dean Kyte’s artisanal pulp fiction, Follow Me, My Lovely… is a genuine collector’s item.  Featuring 107 full-colour pages bound in a durable, high-gloss cover for repeated reading pleasure, Dean has designed each page to look like it’s come out of his ‘little black book’—complete with cheeky cartoons and bonus centrefold.

Check out the video below, in which Dean treats you to the moment of high tension when he decided to pull the trigger with the dishy dame!

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