Cinescritos: Writings in Image & Sound, by Dean Kyte

Dean Kyte returns with a new Blu-ray Disc of short experimental films made between 2013 and 2018.

Using found audio and visual material as well as footage shot by the author himself, Kyte creates a poetic interior world out of the kaleidoscopic collision of reality and perception, as literary as it is cinematic.

The Blu-ray Disc also comes with a complementary essay booklet, printed in full colour, in which Kyte sets forth his theory about the relationship between sound, image and writing in film.

Featuring music videos, travel sketches, cinepoems and video essays, in its eclectic variety Cinescritos takes the viewer into the curious and sensitive mind of Dean Kyte—littérateur, cinéaste, and flâneur.


Cinescritos: Writings in Image & Sound, by Dean Kyte

Cinescritos: Writings in Image & Sound