Dean Kyte explores new ways of expressing the written word in his latest collection of short avant-garde films, Cinescritos: Writings in Image & Sound.

Building on the techniques he explored in Videoeuvres (2012), Kyte not only demonstrates a new level of sophistication in his editing of found audio and visual material, but ventures into new territory, putting the stamp of his unique vision on footage he has shot himself.

From the montage of hallucinogenic images and subtle soundscapes overlaid with his own evocative voice-over, Dean Kyte fashions a poetic interior world where external reality kaleidoscopically collides with inner perception in 22 short films that are as literary as they are cinematic.

Kyte’s sensual juxtapositions of image, audio and words make these gem-like films exotic worlds to escape into.  The Blu-ray Disc, spanning almost 3 hours in length, includes the bonus of 11 intriguing interactive menus shot by Dean Kyte in the course of his flâneries around Melbourne, Sydney, Ballarat, Adelaide, Brisbane and Clunes which form their own mysterious, elliptical narrative.

The BD is accompanied by a 24-page illustrated essay booklet, printed in full colour, in which Kyte explains his evolving theory about the relationship between sound, image and writing in cinema and offers additional valuable insight into the artistic process behind his films.


In addition to 2 major video essays in which Kyte analyses films by Ozu and Buñuel, Cinescritos features music videos, travel sketches from Dean Kyte’s flâneries, and cinepoems.

In its eclectic variety, Cinescritos takes the viewer into the curious and sensitive mind of Dean Kyte—littérateur, cinéaste, and flâneur.

To get a taste of what to expect, check out the official trailer below.

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“Cinescritos” [Blu-ray Disc/booklet combo]

Booklet personally signed and sealed by author. Disc playable on any Blu-ray capable device. Price includes worldwide postage.


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